Hi, I'm Emily Nelson

I like solving problems and joining forces with awesome people to build cool stuff

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About Me

I'm an American web developer specializing in Full Stack Javascript. Having previously studied law and taught philosophy, logic, and critical thinking, I started learning to code because I wanted to use my passion for analysis and problem-solving to make things that would benefit people.

In addition to strong technical skills, I bring a commitment to clear communication, a love of story-telling, and an understanding of diverse perspectives to the projects I work on. When I'm not making stuff for the web, I enjoy learning foreign languages, lifting heavy objects for sport, and courting moderate danger while exploring Taiwan.

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What I Do

  • I design. I can turn problems that irk into solutions that inspire using my knowledge of design principles and processes.

  • I develop. I can build things for the internet using HTML, CSS, and Full-Stack Javascript, and my skills are growing every day.

  • I speak and write. I can use words to make people as excited about your vision as you are, motivate people to action, and ensure that project communication is crystal clear.

  • I’m a former teacher. I can plan backwards with the end goal in mind, manage complex projects with many moving parts, and empathize with diverse stakeholders.

Recent Work

Thumbnail of React weather app

ReactJS Random Quote Machine

A React app that fetches a random quote from an API, displays the quote, and allows the user to tweet the quote. Building this app helped reinforce my React skills. I also learned how to use Webpack during the development process, learned to use promises when making AJAX calls, and got more practice using SCSS to style apps. Visual design of the app is my own.

Thumbnail of interactive photo gallery

Interactive Photo Gallery

A responsive photo gallery with a scrollable lightbox overlay that appears on click. I built the lightbox functionality using custom jQuery (no plugin). The gallery is searchable and supports both images and embedded videos. I got some practice with JavaScript animations by implementing the animated search.

Thumbnail of custom video player

Custom Video Player

A responsive HTML5 video player with custom controls. I built the video player using vanilla JavaScript (no frameworks or plugins). The player includes an interactive transcript. I also designed and added special controls beyond the specification like video speed, a volume slider, and closed caption toggling.

Thumbnail of custom video player

Responsive Form with Custom Styles

A mobile-friendly form with custom styles (based loosely on a designer's mockup, but adapted by me). The form includes custom checkboxes and radio inputs that are implemented using an icon font. It has HTML5 validation for required fields and animated focus states for text inputs.

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